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Our Training Programs

TATC provides a range of customized live trainings, all expertly designed to help provide an engaging professional development experience for your team. In most cases, we recommend that clients pair our Trans 101 training with our offerings by occupational area. Our virtual trainings are typically 90 minutes to 2 hours, but we are happy to combine parts or write custom trainings for longer and more in-depth learning sessions.

Creating Shared Foundations

Our Trans 101 is specifically designed to help your team have a shared understanding of what it means to be transgender or non-binary, social norms around navigating pronouns, and understanding basic rules for engaging with transgender and non-binary people respectfully. By helping to clarify confusion and providing practical guidance we help to address the trans knowledge gap in your organization and set the stage for future learning and action.

Learn more about our 3-Part Foundations Series.

Growing Trans-Affirming Workplaces

With the amount of time we spend working throughout our lives, there is a serious opportunity for harm when workplaces are not trans-affirming. Many transgender and non-binary people feel unsafe, disrespected, and under appreciated at work – and as a result employers will lose quality staff by not having the information they need in order to better support their employees. By sharing common barriers trans folks face in the workforce and outlining practices for creating an environment where we can bring our full selves to our work, our trainings help leadership, managers/supervisors, and peers understand their role in making their workplace more trans-affirming.

Supporting Trans People in Legal Settings

While most trans legal trainings focus on the specific legal issues for transgender and non-binary people, our legal trainings focus on how to support transgender and non-binary clients who are needing to engage in legal systems for non-gender related matters. We help you avoid some of the common areas of friction, provide strategies for negotiating situations where legal requirements are not aligned with what is considered affirming, and offer opportunities to provide more trans-affirming services.

Providing Trauma Informed & Trans-Affirming Care

Medical and wellness settings can be uniquely complicated for transgender and non-binary people, and unfortunately most of us have had many negative experiences with accessing medical care. Our trainings for those working in health-related settings help providers consider the patient experience from a trans perspective, identify common barriers, and implement solutions towards providing more affirming care.

Supporting Trans & Non-Binary Community Members

Due to the impacts of the pervasive and intersectional discrimination that many transgender and non-binary people experience, we are in greater need of access to supportive and community-based services that are trans-affirming. Our trainings for social service providers help to integrate trauma-informed approaches with trans-affirming practices that will positively impact the ways in which transgender and non-binary people experience your services.

Working with Trans & Non-Binary Clients

Transgender and non-binary clients have a range of reasons for seeking out mental health support – whether for personal growth and healing or to meet requirements for transition. We offer multi-level trainings for counselors and therapists, starting with foundational trainings to support clinicians who are working with trans patients on navigating their lives beyond their transgender identity, through more intensive trainings to prepare providers to write ethical letters supporting medical transition.

Providing Trans-Affirming Customer Service

There are millions of transgender and non-binary people living in the United States, so it’s very likely your business is already serving transgender and non-binary customers. Our customer service trainings help make sure those engagements are positive by providing support for employees who are working directly with customers. We offer guidance on avoiding common microaggressions, navigating gender neutral language, and handling related concerns with grace.

Training of Trainers & Capacity Building

Dr. Green has facilitated over 40 Training of Trainer programs, specific to trans and LGBTQ content, in addition to teaching graduate courses in curriculum design and facilitation. If you are looking to support a team of trainers, or implement a new curriculum, our TOT program can help ensure that your team is well supported.


We’d love to connect with you to learn more about what you are looking for and see if we might be a good fit!  Send us a message and our VP of Client Services will be follow up with you shortly.

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