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About TATC

Trans Affirming Training & Consulting is a trans-owned consulting firm, specializing in professional development opportunities that help cisgender people better understand, support, and affirm transgender and non-binary people.

TATC is a Certified LGBTQ Business Enterprise (Certification #14989) by NGLCC through 02/28/2026, and is a member NGLCC’s Philadelphia Chapter, the Independence Business Alliance.


Dr. Eli Green is a Certified Sexuality Educator (through 7/2025)  and Certified Sexuality Educator Supervisor  (through 11/2024) through the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors & Therapists (AASECT).


We are proud to be a Sustaining Supporter!

Trans Affirming Training & Consulting is proud to be a Sustaining Supporter of The Uplifting Trans Fund.  In addition to donating 10% of the sales of The Teaching Transgender Toolkit, TATC has committed to donating a portion of our annual proceeds to The Uplifting Trans Fund.

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