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Once you submit your inquiry, our VP of Client Services will follow up with you to set up a time to chat, by phone or Zoom. You are able to select a date/time from their calendar that works for you, and invite other colleagues to attend that you want to join you for the meeting.

Some helpful pieces of information to think about / bring with you to the meeting will be: 

1. What is your ultimate goal for hosting a training?

2. What (if any) related trainings have you hosted before?

3. How many folks do you hope to be trained?

4. What is your timeline?

5. What is your budget?


In order to make sure we have enough time to prepare for and customize your training, we can typically schedule trainings for about 5-6 weeks out after contracting is complete. For new clients, we are generally unable to schedule training with less than 1 month’s notice.

We offer both virtual and in-person training options. For a majority of our clients, virtual is the best option, but we do provide in-person trainings for select clients.  We do require at least 8 weeks notice for in-person events. Our virtual trainings are hosted on Zoom.

The length of our trainings depend on a variety of factors, including what you are trying to accomplish and how many folks will participate in the training session. Generally speaking, we don’t do less than 90 minutes as shorter sessions don’t allow us to provide the quality of content that we would want to, and that you deserve.

We understand that everyone has different budget constraints and opportunities, and we do our best to work within a range of organizational budgets. Once we learn more about what you are seeking, the related logistics, and your budget, we will be able to share the pricing details of what you are looking for.  TATC is currently unable to accept requests for work without compensation.


With every virtual training, you can expect:

– A Moderator for support around technical issues.

– Auto-generated captions and transcripts by Zoom.

– Participants to be muted a majority of the time and the noise suppression setting turned on to minimize auditory overload to the best of our abilities.

– Flexibility around being off camera / self-care as needed.


With notice, we are also able to offer:

– ASL translation

– Live captioning

– Access to recordings (for accessibility reasons)


We are working to expand the range of accessibility options we provide. If there is something you need but don’t see it listed, please feel free to reach out.

We are happy to work with you to offer CEs through other accrediting organizations, if you are able to take on the filing piece. We are more than happy to provide the materials you need in order to make them available to participants. 

As a US-based company, we are very careful about when we work with folks from outside of the US because we know cultures, histories, language, experiences, etc. can be so different from our own. We never want to perpetuate Ameri-centrism (the assumption that US culture is more important than other country or a judgment of other cultures based on American cultural standards). If we aren’t a good match, we would recommend seeking out a local expert from your country who can speak to the nuances of your country’s history and understanding of these topics.

Well, because it does! We work with such a wide range of clients and know that there is no simple “one size fits all” answer for everyone, so we value and need your input for making these the best trainings to support your work. We take into consideration the background information and context that you share with us, while adding in our decades of expertise teaching these topics to thousands of participants in order to give you our best recommendation.

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