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Our 3-Part Foundation Series

Designed for organizations and companies that want to prioritize trans-inclusion but know that advanced work needs to be done to make it possible, this 3-part training series helps level set and guide your team and trans-inclusion efforts up for success. Over the course of our training series, we shift from focusing on individual actions to the collective work that organizations can take to be more trans-affirming.  These trainings are 90 minutes to 2 hours long, but can be combined or customized for longer, more in-depth learning experiences. We can typically fit up to 95 participants in a training, but may recommend smaller audiences depending on your specific goals.

Building Shared Foundations

Part 1 is the “what.”

This ‘Trans 101’ session helps to ensure that everyone has a shared baseline understanding of what it means to be transgender or non-binary and a basic understanding of how to engage in respectful and affirming ways.


Understanding Trans & Non-Binary Lives

Part 2 is the “why.”

This session expands on these concepts by exploring the lived experiences of transgender and non-binary people across the lifespan while giving cisgender people a deeper understanding of what it means to be trans in today’s world.


Supporting Trans & Non-Binary People

Part 3 is the “how.”

This session takes everything you’ve learned from Parts 1 & 2 and helps you begin to shift your knowledge into action. This training provides ongoing strategies that can be practiced and implemented in order to better support the transgender and non-binary people on your team and in your lives.



We’d love to connect with you to learn more about what you are looking for and see if we might be a good fit!  Send us a message and our VP of Client Services will be follow up with you shortly.

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